Habit Tincture Pure 1,000 mg

Habit Tincture Pure 1,000 mg

The best of both worlds. Habit water-soluble flavored cannabis tinctures are the perfect solution for all levels of tolerance. Whether you prefer to microdose, or medicate heavily, Habit has you covered. This full-spectrum water-soluble tincture contains 1,000 mg (400mg of super-bioavailable THC) per bottle and is designed as a convenient and delicious way to medicate on the go. How do I use it? Use sublingually or mix in with virtually any beverage including sparkling drinks, hot or cold tea, smoothies, slurpees, or even kombucha. Mix with yogurt or Keifer for a delicious medicated probiotic treat. Make a dessert even more fun and top your favorite ice cream. Try strawberry on vanilla ice cream on raspberry on chocolate. More effective than capsules, Habit Tinctures deliver Cannabis to your body through sublingual absorption. Simply take a full dropper (1mL) and release it under your tongue, hold for 30 seconds, and you’re done. Our dropper gives you the ability to micro-dose and tracks how much THC your body is absorbing. What’s in it? NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Made with real fruit and fruit juice. Each Habit Peach Tincture is crafted with only the finest lab-tested THC oil extracted from pesticide-free cannabis plants.

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