WCC Dosi Kush 1g Live Resin Sauce

WCC Dosi Kush 1g Live Resin Sauce

Dosi Kush is an Indica-dominate live resin sauce that boasts a fruity and petrol aroma with powerful effect. Hit by the subtle taste of fresh earth and mint, the palate is overwhelmed with a smooth and earthy flavor profile. A dab of these gassed up extracts is rewarded with an intense lemon and pine flavor that has a distinctly fuel-filled exhale. Both long-lasting and vibrant, a dab of these full throttle extracts provide a persuasive and easygoing high for the knowledgeable consumer. Best utilized as a post-work indulgence, a dab Dosi Kush alleviates minor bouts of physical discomfort and allows for the relaxed mindset to flourish. West Coast Cure concentrates are tested in compliance with California Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements.

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